Buyer’s Guide

This guide is your standard for finding the right truck insurance agent to do business with. All of the following can be provided by Storrs.


  • A standard additional insured coverage at no additional cost

  • Manuscript endorsements available to address unique coverage needs

  • No radius restrictions

  • Single deductible for physical damage and cargo coverages at no additional charge

  • Downtime coverage automatically included

  • No coinsurance provision

  • A blanket additional insured endorsement to assist in shipping contracts and terminal access agreements


  • Coverage for misdelivery of dry, gaseous, or liquid commodities

  • No exclusion for punitive damages

  • Pollution coverage included in auto liability coverage form

  • Defense coverage provided in addition to policy limits

Physical Damage

  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles during policy term

  • Coverage for towing charges in addition to policy limits

  • Lease value or finance value coverage available for gap between actual cash value and loan value/lease value payoff

  • Hired auto physical damage (bailee) coverage vs. trailer interchange (no written agreement required, covers all equipment types)

  • No physical damage restrictions for stainless steel or insulated tankers


  • Automatic coverage for pollution caused by cargo ($10,000 in pollution cleanup)

  • Coverage includes earned freight charges, alcohol, consumer electronics, owned goods, wet loads, mysterious disappearance, refrigeration breakdown (including driver error), and losses that occur during loading and unloading

  • No coinsurance penalty, no tarped load or locked vehicle warranties, no exclusion for unattended theft, and no increased deductibles for specific types of losses

  • Increased limits available for specific shippers or commodities

  • Cargo expenses incurred to reduce or eliminate loss are not subject to a deductible

  • Reefer breakdown losses do not have a separate deductible

  • Willing to do trip leases to provide additional limits by trip or by insured

Workers’ Compensation

  • Guaranteed cost plans

  • Retrospective rating plans

  • Single-unit/owner-operator workers’ compensation

  • Monoline workers’ compensation

  • Excess workers’ compensation

  • Installment plans and reporting plans

Choice Plus

  • Towing for mechanical breakdown

  • Diminishing deductible

  • Electronic equipment coverage

  • Personal property coverage

  • Miscellaneous equipment coverage

  • Rental reimbursement

  • Emergency expenses

Options – Fleet Risks

  • Flexible payment plans including monthly reporting options based on mileage, units, revenue, or values (for qualifying accounts)

  • No minimum premium on reporting policy payment plans

  • Risk sharing programs for qualifying fleet accounts (self-insured retentions and large deductible programs)

  • Excess and umbrella coverage for greater asset protection

Options – Non Fleet Risks

  • Installment pay plans, including continuous policies

  • Direct bill plans with multiple payment methods, including check, EFT, credit/debit cards, etc.


  • Experience and knowledge; specialization in truck insurance (exclusively for over 40 years; trucking is all that we do)

  • Monitoring and updating of trucking industry trends and issues

  • Representation across the country by professional agents who know the trucking industry


  • Active membership, sponsorship, and involvement in state and national trucking associations

  • Trucking industry advocacy (belongs to several national and state trucking associations)


  • Long-term protection of our insureds is an essential value – underwriting discipline is key to achieving this

  • Adequate assets to ensure ability to stay in business and cover losses

  • A.M. Best rating of “A+”


  • Focus on, and desire to, “do the right thing”

  • Integrity and honesty as core values

  • Easily accessible and caring employees

  • Desire to cultivate long-term relationships with insureds

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