General Liability

We can offer a commercial general liability policy to cover the premises and operations exposures for our motor carrier customers. To guard your company’s financial assets, this policy provides broadened coverage including the following:

  • Bodily injury and property damage (other than autos)
  • Personal injury and advertising injury liability
  • Some medical expenses
  • Products and completed operations
  • Limited fire legal liability on short-term rented or leased property
  • Many contractual liabilities from an “insured contract”
  • Erroneous delivery of products
  • Host liquor liability if you are not in the business of selling/distributing alcohol
  • Certain off-premises use of any unlicensed “yard goat”
  • Garage liability coverage when doing repairs for a charge, such as on owner-operator equipment

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    Trucks of All Sizes

    • Auto Haulers
    • Box Trucks
    • Container Haulers
    • Dump Trucks
    • Flatbed Trailers
    • Flatbed Trucks
    • Front Loaders
    • Garbage Trucks
    • Pickup Trucks
    • Semi Trucks
    • Tank Trucks
    • Tractors

    And many more…

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